Best shark in hungry shark evolution game

The hungry shark evolution game allows you to play as a shark and eat other fish in various settings. Eating up fish allows you to grow and take on bigger opponents. In the game, there are various challenges and as you progress through the levels, you continue to meet greater villains that you must conquer in order to continue your feeding frenzy. Eat up humans as well as engage in battle with submarines and even spaceships as you try and eat more of the prey. You can even attack villages and floating ships and gobble up anyone you find along the way.

All the sharks that are in the game have unique features and abilities that give them some advantage against the various preys. From some that shock their prey before eating them to those that freeze their meals, there is various kinds of advantages to every shark in the game. The best shark in the hungry shark evolution game is the Robot shark.

The Robot shark can eat almost any fish that other sharks normally eat but it has the special power of being able to eat smaller mines and then regurgitating it and shooting them out to its enemies. The shark also has the special ability of flying thus allowing you to venture into space and also eat other prey like birds. The sharks’ real prowess is in how it can destroy villages and even go into space engaging in epic space war battles while consuming prey. Its ability to fly is natural to the shark and you don’t even need a boost to enable flight. The robot shark enables you to fly to new settings and eat more prey as you continue growing. It is the best shark in the hungry shark evolution game as it can easily destroy submarines and other mechanical machines.