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Hungry shark evolution hack tool for iOS

Hungry shark evolution is one of the newest games for iOS. Developed by Future Games of London, it’s a fun arcade with lots of features to discover and lots of levels to pass.

In this aquatic adventure the player takes control over a really hungry shark. The goal is to survive for as long as possible and collect all the species of sharks in the ocean. There are five species of sharks in this game. After collecting sharks like Hammerhead, Great White, Tiger Shark and Megalodon the player gets the chance to evolve them. After collecting the sharks, they can also be personalized. The player can choose from a variety of funny wigs and hats, clothes and much more.

There are over forty levels in which the shark comes across enemies like tourists, ships and other marine animals, while trying to satisfy his hunger. The player can grow the shark from a baby to a huge Great White and take over the ocean. It’s an entire marine world full of wonderful and dangerous things. The shark will collect points and complete missions, so he could become the greatest shark of all.

Every level holds secrets and surprises, as well as hidden items. Once discovered, the shark can be equipped with these items for the next level. The better the shark is equipped, the easier is for him to eat his way around the ocean, and also, the better the experience for the player.

With a spectacular graphic, a interesting environment and an enjoyable gameplay, Hungry Shark Evolution has all the means to become the next most popular game for iOS. Based on a innovative idea, this game carries the player in the depths of the sea for a dangerous, but fun and entertaining adventure.